Working as a freelance graphic artist in today's screwed up economy, possession of a diverse skill set has often saved my bacon. And so I cheerfully offer a broad spectrum of creative services to my clients.

To some, I'm an experienced art director on call for projects such as advertising, branding, annual reports, and web design. To others, I'm almost exclusively an illustrator, creating anything from goofy cartoons and caricatures to complex 3D modeling and animation. Lately I've been heavily engrossed in type design and production.

Contact me about almost any kind of art project and I'll see if I can't work something up for you.

— Robby Woodard   

OCTOBER · 2016

Who Says I Am Not Social??

Okay. Maybe not so much on Twitter or Facebook. Or Snapchat or Pinterest or Tumbler or or Linkedin because the kind of work I do is really time consuming. But finally, I am on InstagramInstagram! I'm posting personal work and art that is cool but not quite ready for my portfolio. And stuff just for giggles. Plus, I can connect and share ideas with friends and fabulous illustrators and designers from around the world.


Freight MacroFreight Round started off as a simple idea and then went through a year long design process where lots of complex experiments were introduced, adjusted, re-adjusted, rejected and then re-evaluated all over again. The evolution was slow and grueling but the final product turned out to be delightful. I think it's fun, friendly and inviting but with strong, dignified bones that will work well for lots of different applications. Sweet little ball ends and hints of serifs here and there (that really shine in the italics) distinguish the family from your average rounded sans. The six weights, from light to black, include all the professional OpenType features and language support you would expect, plus a large set of dingbats and type ornaments. Go and play around with it at Phil's!

MARCH · 2016

99 Golden Ale Design Hits Shelves

I like beer lable designs almost as much as I like beer. More sometimes, depending on the beer. So it was a blast designing this label for Tioga-Sequoia Brewing's 99 Golden Ale. The project required quite a bit of research to find just the right inspiration. This involved consuming several bottles of 99 Golden Ale. It really is a nice ale with a good hoppy flavor that doesn't go over the top. For a clearer understanding of the market, I also needed to try out all of the competing beers. Proper research is a very important part of the design process!

Working together with the Tioga-Sequoia art department and Berts-Rosa Creative, we landed on this palm and pine at sunrise concept — in reference to the spot along 99 just south of Madera that marks the center of Californa with a palm and pine tree side by side in the freeway median.

I did the concept sketches, design, illustration and final art production. It is a blast seeing it in all the local stores!

MAY · 2015

Custom Photoshop Brushes On Sale

Font SquirrelOver the years, I have developed a few cool tools that I use constantly in my illustration work. I am sharing a couple sets at Creative Market for only Only $10 each. The Neo Ipressionist Photoshop Brush set lets you paint hundres of different colored strokes with a few swipes on a pressure sensitive tablet. The set includes several brush styles for interesting, realistic painterly effects.
Font SquirrelThe Gesso Brush set is a collection of brushes for Photoshop that let you paint organically on to a natural gesso textured surface. Find detailed information about the brushes HERE. And if you like what you see there, you can find both sets ready to purchase and download at my convenient Creative Market Storefront!


Fun With Stereoscopic Illustration


As a kid, I was fascinated with the scenes inside my ViewMaster. The 3D images could get up in your face or receed back fifty miles all inside that tiny little box. So cool! Later, I realized the technology was based on Victorian era stereoscopic photography. They used all kinds of elaborate devices to view the 3D scenes back in those days. I have learned to just cross my eyes and force the two images on top of each other to get the 3D effect without the use of any device. It is a process called "Free Viewing". Some people have no problem doing it, others can't do it at all. Stereoscopic photography is still somewhat popular. Just for fun, I have been messing around with Stereoscopic Illustrations. Check out some of my experiments HERE. It is a silly little hobby, I know, but I can't be drawing fonts all the time!

JANUARY · 2015

Now With Even More Versatility!

Freight MacroFreight Sans has long been a popular and charming sans serif font family. Part of that charm is it's open, comfortable feeling. But that sometimes made for uncomfortably wide settings. The foundry (Phil's Fonts) asked me to develop a condensed version and that turned out so well we went ahead and worked up a compressed version too. The complete family now comprises 32 fonts and with three different widths it is amazingly versitile! Like the original, these new fonts include OpenType small caps, old style and lining figures, stylisic alternates and more.

JUNE · 2014

Introducing the Freight Macro Pro Family

Freight MacroFreight Macro is based on Phil's Fonts Freight Micro. The original Micro is a little edgy and on the experimental side. This new Macro is designed more along the lines of a traditional slab serif. The italics are very playful and calligraphic. Freight Macro comes in six weights from light to black with italics, small caps, old style figures, lining figures and many more OpenType features.

JANUARY · 2014

Freight Neo Pro Family New at Phil's Fonts

Freight Neo is another commission from Phil's FontFreight Macros rounding out their already large Freight family. Phil's wanted a sans with serif elements that would work equally well for text or display. We produced a family of fonts I am very proud of. Neo is calm and clean in body copy but still sharp and sophisticated in headlines. It is availabe in six weights from light to black with italics, small caps and lots of OpenType features.

Mezzaluna PackageMAY · 2013

Addy Gold for Mezzaluna Packaging

My design and illustrations for Mezzaluna Italian Ice won one of two Gold Medals for packaging at the Fresno Advertising Federation Addy Awards. I did the designs for their chocolate and cherry flavors too. You can check out the whole set here. I'm still waiting to see it at my local Savemart. It's always cool to see your work out in the real world and this stuff is pretty darned tasty not to mention gluten free!


Outgunned: Because Fonts Don't Kill People

OutgunnedOutgunned started off when I needed to draw a couple guns for a little project. Researching, I became fascinated with the look of guns graphically. A latent ten year old boy mentality coming to the surface, I guess. Ninety some odd gun drawings later and this font was born. I'm giving it up FREE in hopes it might satisfy some people’s passion for their second amendment rights in a much less dangerous manner.

JUNE · 2012

Laconic and Veggieburger Free at the Squirrel

Font SquirrelThe people at Font Squirrel laboriously pick through the gazillions of freeware fonts out there to provide only the best commercial-use free fonts. I'm proud to say they have deemed my Laconic and Veggieburger families worthy and thousand of users are downloading them. Bounce over to Font Squirrel. They offer a ton of other great free type faces.

MARCH · 2011


Have Some Retro Fun With Nudgewink from P22

P22 Nudgewink Pro is an ultimately cool, funky and decorative font style that evokes the popular culture of the 1960s. Hip and groovy uses include signage, invitations and greeting card design. Get it at P22!