Ashby Ashby was my second font design attempt and the first full font family. It was mostly an experiment and I was still finding my footing and learning the software, so I was happy to give it away free. Looking back, there are elements that I find cringe worthy but overall I think it has a naive but bold honesty that basically works. And I see it around a lot – Like at giant French department stores. If you think you might have a use for it, the best place to pick it up for free is at 1001 Fonts.
Laconic started off as a few characters for a simple logo then a few more for a short headine. Those turned into a font and the font turned into a small font family. It is meant to look like a pixel font without adhering quite so strictly to the grid. It is a stripped down design but it still has some sense of style and attitude with lots of OpenType features. I decided to share it for free and people from all over the world have been downloading it from Font Squirrel.
Outgunned I had made a few simple gun drawings for a quick design project and in doing the research I sort of became mesmerized with the look of firearms. It is weird because I really don't like guns at all. So I put them all together inside a font, Outgunned, and I am letting it go free in hopes that it might satisfy some people's need to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Because fonts don't kill people. Pick it up at Font Squirrel.
Veggieburger is my response to Comic Sans. I don't really hate Comic Sans but I think it is way over used. Okay, I do think it is a little bit ugly. So I just wanted to give people another option. It is available free at Font Squirrel.